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You’ll find that when you try to access certain UK based websites from countries outwith the United Kingdom they simply do not work. Often with messages such as “Currently BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only”. This can be very frustrating as we all know how much we love to keep up to date with our favourite programmes, even whilst on holiday or working abroad.

Teev can help with this problem! Sign up to for just £6.99 per month and get instant access to what is known as a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Essentially what you will be doing is connecting to a server that is based in the United Kingdom but still using your internet connection where you are located. The service you are looking to use will assume you are based in the UK and as such will allow you to access its content. Hey presto, you’ve got access to all of your favourite services such as BBC iPlayer, 4oD, Sky Go, Demand 5 and more!

You do not need to download any software and setup takes just a couple of minutes. Please take a look at our simple setup guides to see how easy it is to setup. There are no contractual tie in and you can cancel your subscription and start it up again as often as you require. Sign up today to start watching your favourite UK programmes with ease.